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People are happy with a replica. They like watching a movie on an iPhone rather than watching it in a real theatre. They’re okay with that. They’re okay with going to Vegas and seeing a recreation of the Eiffel Tower than actually seeing the real Eiffel Tower. I think that there was a time when that was like ‘No, you didn’t go to Paris, you went to a theme park!’ It’s just interesting how we’re okay with that now. That’s good enough. I don’t think that’s good enough. If a new Andy Warhol came out right now, I think what he would become is a quick Instagram photo shot or a quick Vine thing or something on the internet on Tumblr or something. Those are the artists that I feel sorry for right now are the sculptors and the painters because they become a quick email or instant message or something. ‘Hey check out this cool painting!’ ‘Oh, wow. That’s cool.’ Then they go on to the next thing. That guy worked for six months on that. He really broke new ground and it just becomes a quick thing on your phone to just scroll through and that’s just not really respectful to that. By

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this man is such an old crusty close-minded grumpy fuck

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